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Digital Media

With the advent of the internet and the digital revolution, parents often feel ill-equipped to guide their children through the digital maze. Of primary concern is their safety, now in cyberspace.

UCLA and Lori Getz spells out some key ways to guide our children to being CyberSafe and Net Smart.

Parenting Resources for Computer and Internet Use:

"the same key principles to keeping children safe in the real world can be applied to the online world"
Explains internet safety and what is/isn't appropriate.

Wired Kids, Inc.
Website portal teaching website safety for adults & kids.

Wired Safety
Help with managing children's online use.



Common Sense Media
Advice on safety and digital citizenship according to age.
Help children think critically; age-specific.
Provides tools to talk to children about dangers of media.

Practical ways to secure your net presence Facebook security.

CEC Parent Resource Center


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