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Events - 2014-2015 Summary
Summary of Recent Events 2014-2015


PfA Speaker Series: Scott Backovich on Stress Reduction and Empathy (05.12.2015)

Scott Backovich has a quirky yet powerful style with a message that speaks to students at their own level, helping them to understand the true potential they hold. He readily connected with our teens at San Marino High School as well as the parents in a follow-up session.

For handouts of the Parent session, please click on the graphic.

PfA Speaker Series: Lori Getz, MA, on The Truth about the Internet (03.19.2015)

Founder of Cyber Education and certified Internet Safety Specialist, Lori Getz, discussed how to parent in the digital age. For an excerpt on guidelines that focus on healthy living with regards to digital technology, please follow this link.

PfA Speaker Series: Sarah Eden, MA, MEd, PPS on Hassle-Free Homework:
Research-Based Tools for Fostering Your Child's Autonomous Homework and Learning Skills (03.03.2015)

Valentine Elementary School's Counselor, Sarah Eden, discusses research-based strategies for parents to empower children to become increasingly independent and self-reliant regarding learning and homework. Topics include fostering autonomous learning skills, listening and comprehension skills, and higher order thinking skills and metacognition.

Please click on the image to the right for notes from the talk. Please click here for Chinese notes.

NAMI Presentation on Ending the Silence (02.20.2015)

The National Alliance on Mental Illness presented a message of empathy and hope, encouraging students to actively care for themselves and their peers through seeking help and reaching out, understanding the signs and symptoms of mental illness, learning recovery and coping strategies, and finding positive role models and mentors. The goal is to help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

PfA Speaker Series: Dr. Ginger Bercaw on Understanding Your Adolescent (02.11.2015)

Dr. Ginger Bercaw, Clinical Psychologist, relationship expert and sex educator, discusses Surviving and Thriving your child's adolescence through connecting and empowering.

Handouts of the discussion in English and Chinese will be posted shortly.

PfA Speaker Series: Tina Payne Bryson, PhD on No-Drama Discipline (11.7.2014)

This newest collaboration, No-Drama Discipline, from the pioneering experts behind the bestselling Whole-Brain Child  will challenge your notion of what discipline is, its practicality in child-rearing, and how best to implement it. Many, if not most, common discipline approaches actually intensify misbehavior rather than correct it.

"No drama" doesn't mean permissiveness, nor does it mean dictatorial control. Tina Bryson shows how to:

  • Connect with a child;

  • Redirect emotions;

  • Turn a meltdown into an opportunity for positive neurological development and learning.

For more information about Tina's book, follow this link.

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