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About PfA


Partnership for Awareness (PfA) seeks to educate, engage, and empower parents and youth on critical health and social challenges faced by children and teens in our area through partnership and coordination with local schools, community organizations, and law enforcement. Our focus has been in such areas as self-esteem, internet safety, social media, bullying, drug & alcohol abuse, etc. As the social issues of the moment evolve, PfA hopes to be ready to equip and assist in a very relevant way.

PfA originated with a group of concerned parents who gathered to discuss concerns regarding drug and alcohol abuse within the youth community. From this beginning, a Committee on Substance Abuse was formed, which later evolved into the creation of a tax-exempt organization, Parent Alert, in 1982. By 1984, Partnership for Awareness was established and its mission today remains remarkably similar to the vision of its founders.

The Mission of Partnership for Awareness is:

  • To increase awareness of critical issues challenging the health and well-being of San Marino youth;

  • To identify and address such issues in cooperative partnership with parents, students, educators and community groups;

  • To provide a forum to educate the San Marino community (both adults and children) with knowledge and skills to facilitate the successful navigation of these important issues.

Your sponsorship is the sole support for the essential mission of our non-profit organization. We have held programs with nationally recognized speakers such as Madeleine Levine, Jessica Lahey, Ron Leiber, Dr. Laura Markham and Frank Bruni.  We want to continue offering similar high-caliber programs. Please consider a donation to support our excellent program offerings this year.

PfA promotes awareness in many other ways, examples of which include:

  • PfA Website at - A place to learn more about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other health and safety-related issues. The website is also a place to interact with other members of the community as well as with experts to heighten awareness of issues of primary concern for our children.

  • Red Ribbon Week - Held each Fall to heighten awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Community Lecture Series - We hold programs throughout the year to bring experts together with our San Marino community to learn more about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other health and safety related concerns.

  • Liaison with other community programs - We maintain good relationships with the San Marino City Council, the San Marino Unified School District, the Crowell Library, the San Marino Police Department, the San Marino Fire Department, and the San Marino PTA to help spread our message of awareness.


For more information, please write to: or

P.O. Box 80492
San Marino, CA 91108

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