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San Marino High School Seniors Scholarship Opportunities


Partnership for Awareness is pleased to award up to three scholarships to graduating San Marino High School seniors who are interested in pursuing careers in Behavioral Health, Mental Health, and Health Care. Examples include but are not limited to: Psychology, School Counseling, School Psychology, Mental Health Professions, Marriage and Family Therapy, Addiction Counseling, Social Work, Nursing, Sociology, Medicine, or other relevant health or service professions aligned with the mission of Partnership for Awareness.


PfA is especially interested in supporting students who may have encountered challenges on their educational journey, i.e. mental health challenges, learning differences, neurodiversity, health challenges, membership in a marginalized community, etc. Scholarships can be used to pursue studies at 2-year colleges, 4-year colleges and universities, or technical and vocational training/certification programs. PfA Scholarship Application Forms are due by Friday, March 17, 2023.

Learn Strategies for Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation
Dr. Marcus Rodriguez
Thursday, March 30th, 2023 at 6 pm PT
Via Zoom
Meeting ID: 840 6715 5903 Passcode: 910625

Marcus Rodriguez Flyer - March 2023 - Draft (1).png

We hold events to bring experts together with our San Marino community to learn more about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other health and safety related concerns.

PfA provides resources for additional information about health and safety issues that affect the youth of San Marino and their families. 

Please consider a donation to support our excellent program offerings this year.


The Truth about Vaping:  What Parents Need to Know

Huntington Middle School Auditorium

Thursday, September 13, 2018

9:00 am & 7:00 pm

Come learn what you need to know about vaping and its impact on your children's health.


Dr. Adupa Rao


The More of Less

Huntington Middle School Auditorium

2017-2018 Series

Find more meaning in life by owning fewer possessions. Mr. Becker will share practical suggestions toward minimalism.


Joshua Becker


Screen Agers
Growing Up in the Digital Age

Huntington Middle School Auditorium

2017-2018 Series

Award-winning film that offers solutions on how we can help our kids navigate the digital world.


Dr. Michelle Meyer

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