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As we announce events for the 2018-2019 school year they will be added below.


"The Truth about Vaping:  What Parents Need to Know"

presented by Dr. Adupa Rao

Thursday, September 13th at 9 AM and 7 PM
Huntington Middle School Auditorium

Until recently, electronic cigarettes were uncommon, hard to find, and a mystery to most people.  Now they're everywhere.  Though the public hears a lot about e-cigarettes and vaping in the media, they don't know much about them. 


Government statistics found millions of teens have tried it - nearly 36 percent of 12th graders had tried some form of vaping in 2017.  Studies show that some teens who likely would not have smoked regular cigarettes are using e-cigarettes.  It also found teens who do vape are six times more likely as those who never vaped to later begin smoking.  Come learn what you need to know about vaping and its impact.


"Managing Stress in the Teenage Brain"

presented by Dr. Milstein

Thursday, Octover 4th


7 PM Huntington Middle School Auditorium

Why do teenagers act the way they do?  Discover the latest cutting-edge science that uncovers take-home tips and strategies to better understand, support, and help the teenage brain. 


Learn the surprising science of what happens in the developing teenage brain and why the teenage years are a critical time in brain development.  Understand the impact of stress and trauma, why certain types of stress should be embraced, and science-based strategies parents and educators can utilize to teach teenagers effective stress management and resilience.

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